From repository:
If you haven't already got it, fetch and install sun's wireless toolkit
Install git:
In linux: sudo apt-get install git
In Windo$: go here ,download and install git
Get the repository:
git clone git://
(I don't know how to do this in windows)

Now either rename the directory from mobile-tank-game to TGame2 and copy it to the WTK/apps directory or, make a link from wherever you installed WTK2.x.x (/opt/WTK2.5.2/ on my machine) to the mobile-tank-game directory, for example: ln -s ./mobile-tank-game /opt/WTK2.5.2/apps/TGame2 run ktoolbar open project, TGame2 and run

From tarball:
fetch and install sun's wireless toolkit
get the tar.gz file
untar it: tar -xvzf TGame2.tar.gz
copy to the WTK2.x.x/apps/ directory: mv TGame2 {Path to WTK}/apps
run ktoolbar open project TGame2 run

Stright to a phone:
Direct your phone here.

Look at the github.